Get Behind the Wheel of a Brand New Porsche SUV

Get Behind the Wheel of a Brand New Porsche SUV

Porsche has recently released its newest model of SUV. This car is a very exciting new addition to their line. It offers a lot of interesting features. From the exterior, to the engine options, and to the seating and cargo space, this new car is sure to appeal to many.


Porsche is one of the most storied sports-car makers in history. From their iconic 911 to their newest SUVs, the company continues to build some of the best luxury vehicles on the market.

The Cayenne is the top pick among drivers looking for memorable performance. It offers a smooth ride, powerful performance and the utmost in luxury.

This sporty SUV has a hefty price tag. For a base model, you can expect to spend more than $70k. However, the price can vary depending on the trim level you opt for.

You can choose from a number of different powertrains. The base Cayenne comes with a turbo V6 engine that produces 335 horsepower. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a turbo-charged V8, which produces a whopping 460 hp.

Porsche also offers a twin-turbo V8 with 455 horsepower in the GTS model. In addition, the SUV can be optioned with a plug-in hybrid. That will give you a combined fuel economy rating of 20 mpg.

You can also opt for a panoramic sunroof, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, four-zone climate control and rear-seat entertainment system. Depending on your preference, you can customize your interior with seatbelt colors, leather surfaces and more.

On the inside, you’ll find an elegant cabin that is a delight to explore. Materials used are of exceptional quality, and the seats are comfortable. A 12.3-inch HD touchscreen is available for infotainment, and there are also two 7.0-inch screens in the instrument cluster.

Engine options

When it comes to engines for Porsche Suv models, the choice is wide and varied. From the mighty V8 to the direct injection turbo charged 4.0-litre, Porsche is well stocked in the engine department.

The Turbo GT is a new addition to the Porsche SUV line. It is designed to bring the best of both the Cayenne Turbo and the Cayenne GTS. It is a larger SUV, with the ability to carry four passengers. Using the latest in ICE technology, it is also Porsche’s most powerful ICE-only SUV.

For those who need something more powerful, the Cayenne S model is equipped with a 4.8-litre V8 with a whopping 395 horsepower. This is more than enough to get from zero to sixty in under 5.2 seconds, a feat no other production-based SUV has managed.

The 3.0-litre diesel V6 is also a reliable and capable powerhouse. With over 400 pounds-feet of torque, it’s capable of towing over 7,000 pounds.

A few models offer a hybrid option. Although not as fuel efficient as a pure plug-in, it can still get up to 22 miles on electric power alone.

For those who want to save money, there’s a new 4.2-litre V8 diesel model available in the 2014 model year. These engines have a decent 550 Nm of torque, which is more than enough to keep the Porsche in control.

The new M4801 is an evolution of the 4.5-litre engine. It’s equipped with direct fuel injection, a bigger 96mm cylinder bore and improved cooling ducts.

Seating capacity

Porsche’s flagship SUV, the Cayenne, is an ideal choice for a family or group of friends who like to ride in style. This large SUV features a comfortable cabin, good cargo space, and plenty of room for five passengers.

The interior features a 12.3-inch touchscreen, satellite radio, and a Bose audio system. You can also choose from a variety of upholstery materials. There are also four USB ports, a wireless charging pad, and a rear-seat entertainment system.

Porsche’s infotainment interface is easy to use and responds quickly. It has an intuitive graphical user interface and includes an advanced navigation system.

One of the most impressive features of the new Porsche Cayenne is its high-performance engine options. Both the Turbo GT and the Sport Cayenne are equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 that produces 335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual transmission is standard, as is a seven-speed automatic.

Depending on your driving needs, you can opt for an E-Hybrid model with a V6 that travels up to 17 miles on electricity. For your next long road trip, consider the plug-in hybrid version.

The Cayenne is a two-row midsize SUV with seating for five passengers. However, you can’t expect a lot of third-row legroom. But with the rear seats folded, the cargo volume is ample at 60.3 cubic feet.

Other features include a 10-speaker audio system, wireless Apple CarPlay, HD Radio, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also add a power-operated liftgate and a passive entry system that opens with a foot gesture.

Cargo space

Porsche Suv new provides plenty of cargo space for its size. When folded, the rear seats expand to 51.7 cubic feet. The trunk is also very spacious with a total of 745 litres.

In the coupe version, the cargo space is slightly smaller at 17.6 cubic feet. This reduces the overall capacity to 54.3 cubic feet. If you fold down the second row, the cargo room is reduced to 27.2 cubic feet.

The Sport Turismo trim offers a little more cargo room, at 49 cubic feet. However, the base-level Cayenne and Turbo models have much larger cargo capacities with up to 60 cubic feet of space.

When the rear seats are folded, the standard model has a boot that can hold up to 1,710 litres. Its front trunk provides 5.3 cubic feet of storage.

Those looking for more space may want to consider the Porsche Panamera hybrid. This vehicle has a front trunk, plus a total of 44 cubic feet of trunk space.

The Sport Turismo version also has 18.3 cubic feet of rear cargo space. There’s a good chance that people who regularly carry passengers will have trouble folding down the rear seats.

Aside from its spacious interior, the Cayenne has a sporty design. The high-tech suspension system, PASM, allows the driver to automatically adjust to the conditions on the road.

Another nice feature is the power-operated liftgate. The infotainment interface is a touch-screen display that responds quickly. Among other features, the car has a rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring.

Visual tweaks

Porsche has announced new visual tweaks for its Cayenne SUV. The most notable is the omission of the full-width light bar. Rather, the redesign features larger lower air intakes up front, a more rounded tailgate, and a redesigned rear diffuser.

Other updates include the introduction of the turbo GT model and Android Auto integration to the PCM infotainment system. These changes are expected to come online by the time the 2023 model year rolls around.

One new addition to the Porsche Cayenne lineup is the Platinum Edition trim. This package offers an all-black interior with high-gloss black detailing, 21-inch Sport Edition alloys, and a number of other gizmos.

Another noteworthy upgrade is the InnoDrive, a feature that uses a navigation system to control the speed and shifts of the powertrain. It also includes predictive topographical road conditions and a stop and go feature.

The Cayenne coupe is not to be snubbed, especially since it is expected to rival the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. However, it does add to the price tag.

The Porsche Suv is a solid performer that is both comfortable on long cruising trips and fun on short jaunts. It’s also one of the best handling SUVs in its class. But what sets it apart from the competition is its extensive list of options, including the option to delete sound insulation and the latest in in-cabin technology.

Status symbol

There’s no denying that a Porsche SUV is a status symbol. They are sold to middle to high-income families with a healthy bank account. In fact, some have even been featured in movies and TV shows.

The SUV isn’t just a status symbol, though. It’s also a vehicle that protects your health. This is especially true for athletes.

The German automaker has a long history of innovating. The company’s latest release is the all-electric Taycan. It is a high-performance sedan with some nifty features.

There are many reasons for its success. One is that it opens up competition for Tesla, which makes a similar car.

The other is that it’s a big step in the direction of a greener economy. Porsche has already made a number of changes to improve fuel efficiency. A new system for tracking customer journeys, for example, should help the brand stay ahead of the curve.

The Porsche Cayenne, for example, is a well-rounded German sports utility vehicle. Its engines are powerful, its handling is sporty, and its interior is as stylish as it is roomy.

Aside from its technical merits, the Porsche Cayenne has the best sales figures in the company’s history. Last year, Porsche sold 4,059 units in the UK. Meanwhile, the German manufacturer has a target of selling 30 billion euros in the fiscal year that ends in September.

While the Cayenne is the most impressive model in the lineup, it’s not the only one. You could opt for a Jaguar SUV, a BMW X5 or an Audi Q7.